21 June 2013

Sorority Life

You're well into the first quarter of the school year and you are determined to fulfill your college sophomore bucket list.  

  • Avoid taking Dr. Samples' Sophomore English,check.  
  • Make Professor Freeman's debate team, check.  
  • Lose 15 lbs for homecoming, check.  
  • Attend sorority rush meeting, check. 
  • Make it as 2014 spring line pledgee, pending.
The suspense is killing you more than the 4 a.m. wake up calls to run the 440 in your underwear.  Will you make it?  Will you take your place among the long line of women in your family who have pledged to the prestigious sorority.  Relax, of course you will.  

By the time basketball season starts you will don your colors and insignia and the whole campus will know who you rep.  Regardless of how trivial it may be,  deep down inside you know that's the best part about belonging to a sorority.  Forget the mission, vision and foundation.  A sorority is all about reppin' your colors! Showing the world who you are and what you represent as you stroll into your skee-wee's and ooo-oops.  

Color Coded Laser Engraved 1 inch Wristband.
There is limited customization with this band because it is
manufactured in-house.  
How about showcasing your colors on your wrist or finger with a customized color coded laser engraved wristband.  Bring general awareness to your tag, line number, letters, logo, mission, etc...

For your next national convention, spearhead a new branding push and have your entire chapter sporting these for your fellow sisters.  As much as you are into charity get a couple hundred of these donated to your cause.  Contact our sales and donation department and learn how you can get order shipped out Today!

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