02 July 2012

Wristbands For your Family Reunion

July is National Family Reunion Month.  July is a great month for families to gather and have some much needed together time. It is still early in the month in order to plan a great event for later in the month and even to start planning on next year’s big family shindig.

Silicone wristbands are great for family reunions because with so many people in one space crowd control would be essential.  If you come from a large family with multiple siblings and multiple generations attending creating a silicone wristband to know whom belongs to which branch of the family tree would make things a lot easier and less of a headache especially when playing games as a family. Creating multiple color silicone wristbands for different generations will make your family reunion one to remember.  A silicone wristband is a better option than the traditional t shirt since a wristband is smaller, easier to wear and economical. Various colors and sizes are all available and ready to be printed with your custom message, simply check out our 3D wristband creator at wristbands.net and get creative! As Princess Diana once said, “Family is the most important thing in the world”

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