23 July 2013

Juvenile Arthritis: Wristband.Net Loves the Kiddies

Raise Your Hand Against Arthritis - 2011 Juvenile Arthritis Conference -
Photo by: rogercarr Flickr
Developed in children 16 or younger, Juvenile Arthritis is a complex of diseases that attack the musculoskeletal system, causing severe pain and weakens the muscles and bones.  The word arthritis literally means inflammation.  No one knows what causes it.  It develops on its own.  Millions of people across the world suffer from this condition in hopes that the medical community will find a cure.  The month of July is set aside to bring awareness to this debilitating disease.  If you, anyone you know, or you simply have a heart for the many who suffer, create a wristband in the name of Juvenile Arthritis and stand for the cure, get involved, and join the conversation.  The cure, it's coming!
Wristbands.Net supports Juvenile Arthritis because we love the kiddies.  We offer customized Awareness wristbands to foundations, awareness campaigns and groups.  Our glow in the dark wristbands will let a child know that there is hope in the midst of the darkness of arthritis. Join us in the conversation and get yours today!
Lime Green Glow in the Dark - Debossed 1/2 inch wristband

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