25 July 2013

Mosquito Swat to the Rescue

Forest Green Mosquito Repellant 1/2 wristband
Some states claim there state bird as the dreaded mosquito. The darn things are everywhere.  You can't kill em' fast enough.  It seems that the more we spray the greater they multiply.  Every summer we do our best to keep them at bay by checking off our back yard supply list - OFF, check, Tiki candles, check, bug spray, double check.  This year add Wristbands.Net mosquito repellent wristbands to the list.  Our citronella infused bands have up to 6 hours lasting mosquito repellent power as your kids get every bit of fresh air this summer. Kids headed off to summer camp? Pack a dozen or more of these bands in their luggage and equip them with extra protection to ward off those nasty swatters.
Citronella is a proven repellent used by major insecticide brands 

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