10 May 2012

Wristbands for Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Pride

Wristbands for GLBT PRIDE

Cities across the nation will begin having their annual GLBT Pride celebrations typically in June; however, it’s not too early to get ahead of the crowd.  The first Pride parade took place back in 1968 and through the years in part here in the United States has grown to include almost every major American city coast to coast.

Pride Silicone wristbands are kept in stock and can be easily and quickly produced. Pride silicone wristbands can be created using laser made, color filled or any other style you can think of. Individuals and organizations participating in the pride celebrations coming up in June can take advantage of ordering early, and getting their pride silicone wristbands text filled with color; typically white or black since the band itself has all the colors of the pride flag. For those organizations participating in a march or picnic event, having your volunteers wear a pride silicone wristband will boost their sense of community at the same feel a part of something greater than themselves since they might the other participants wearing the same silicone wristband.

 Even if you are not marching or participating in the actual activities, you too can take advantage and create your very own personalized pride silicone wristband.  It’s not too early to show your pride and support by creating your very own PRIDE silicone wristband.

Simply visit our wristband creator and create your own pride wristband.

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