02 July 2012

Sandwich Generation Month Wristbands

July has been dedicated as Sandwich Generation month.  The Sandwich Generation are those whom are caring for their children as well as their aging parents.  Sandwich Generation Month is an annual commemoration and celebration of the dedication, patience needed to care for two generations with very different needs.

How can wristbands be used for this honorable celebration? Why that’s easy; with costs for caring for aging parents on the rise and much of government assistance on the decline, fundraising has become necessary. There are countless agencies, community organizations and religious organizations which distribute food, medical supplies, home health assistance etc to our elderly members of our communities.  This would be a great time to show your support for your co workers, friends, and neighbors whom are doing what they can to ensure their kids have enough while maintain a loving, caring, and dignified life for their elderly parents. Create a silicone wristband with a message of encouragement for those you know are part of the Sandwich Generation. Better yet create a silicone wristband to raise funds and raise awareness.  Unsure of how you can help, check for aging assistance organizations in your community and ask how you can help; then create your own silicone wristband for resale alone or as part of a gift bag/basket.

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